Extend Your Current Lesson Plan Activities to Include Software Concepts

Pathway2Code enables teachers to enhance existing lesson plan activities with visible software instructions. These instructions perform modeling, simulations and document generation to provide a deeper study of all curriulum topics. Students see and work with software instructions developing computational thinking in all topics. The students can also use Pathway2Code in their coding class providing a seamless transition between technical and non-technical courses.

The examples below show both the current lesson activty and its enhancment with a Pathway2Code instruction set. Each instruction set helps the student do more analysis of the subject lesson, view software solutions, and make modifications to see its impact on the subject lesson. The platform also fully supports coding classes.

Extending Lessons Plans with Software Across the Curriculum (View more)
Subject Lesson Plan Activities
  • Simulation models for common worksheets and labs
  • Easy Integration of current teaching materials
  • Instructions can contain subject based terms
  • Tracking of student software modifications
  • Teacher lesson plan support and videos
Coding Courses
  • Scaffolding of commands available
  • Drag and Drop pseudo code writing
  • Debugging and tracing tools
  • Large library of coding exercises
  • Display and download of pseudo-code in multiple languages
  • Code analyzer to support grading
  • Support capture of student design strategy
  • Complete curriculum lecture slide available
Teaching Computer Principles
  • Lessons and exercises for commmon topics (sorting) provided
  • Aniimated output highlight algoritm progress
  • Tools to trace code and watch variables
  • Download code for use in multiple languages

Energy Pyramid - Modeling the food chain and climate change

Art History - Generating a Pollock Painting

Westward Expansion - Packing the Wagon
Sample Lessons in Coding Classes (View more)

Loops: Using Loops and Graphic Overlays

Event Demo: Using keypress and mouse events

Computer Principles Course Lesson Support (View more)

Algorithm - Selection Sorting

Algorithm - Selection Sorting
Version 2

Recursion - Generation of Cocentric cirles

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English Teacher