Our educational approach is centered on providing readings and exercises that are interesting, interactive, informative and instructor based. Interesting exercises keep the student involved in the material. Our curriculum covers topics of animation early to pique the student's interest in topics such as repetition being implemented by loops.

Interactive learning is one that keeps the student engaged by presenting multi-media clips, short questioning and integrating the reading with the programming tool.

Informative content focus on the essence of the topic and not the minutiae often involved with coding courses. The logical foundation of computer operations is taught versus the dozens of syntactical approaches possible to output a decimal value.

Finally, our program is instructor based - where an instructor has complete access to student work - both design, coding , and reading response results. The instructor can use scaffolding to slowly build the set of commands for the student.
For self-study students, this approach helps provide a set of exercises that continue to build until the student is capable of implementing logic within any computer language.

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