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Pathway2Code enables the user to enter pseudo-code instructions to do both graphical and mathematical formula based solutions. This approach avoids learning syntax and language commands and focuses on building logic. Coding approaches that begin with the Hello World example are more concerned with syntax than logic

Yes, the platform is currently free to use. As more classes and students use the platform, additional user support and server resources will be necessary. Some sort of funding will be pursued at that time.

Pathway2Code has lessons and exercises directed at learning programming languages (javascript, python), understanding how a web page uses HTML, CSS other web based technologies, and exploring key algorithms (e.g. sorts) and data structures (e.g., stacks, queues)

Upon completion of the Pathway2Code self study course you will have the logic foundation and knowledge of different technologies. You can select a programming language and practice your logic skills with that langauge's particular syntax. There are several sites that provide syntax based exercises for virtually any programming language.

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