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Last Updated:  June 12, 2020 is a web site service as an academic service. Our project is wholly committed to protecting privacy and have designed the service to collect the minimal amount of information necessary to realize the benefits of learning technology with the web site  We are committed to protecting your privacy. We have developed our privacy policy within this document to fully describe how information on our site is used. We clearly delineate the  information elements and the type of user.

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1) Information Type and Usage

The Pathway2Code website is used by 2 different types of users. The first type is teachers who design exercises, develop demonstration instruction sets, and enter assessments of student work. The second type are students who view exercises , build or modify instruction sets, and view assessment of their work by teachers. Each type of user is identified by a username, password, first name and last name.  In addition, email addresses are kept for teachers to assist in the administration of their use of the site. A teacher works with a group of students, referred to as a class.

The following information is maintained on the website. The following table describes this content and its usage:

Information Elements Student User Teacher User
Username and password enables  the teacher to assign a username and password, or send a link to the student’s email address to have them login. If the teacher chooses the email address option, the username will be the email address. This will enable Pathway2Code to use various Single Sign On services such as Google Accounts. Pathway2Code will assign a teacher a username and password upon opening up an account. The teacher will be able to modify that password.
Email addresss If the email address is not the username as described above, this information would only be collected during a service request. The email address is maintained in the system to alert the teacher of various service and feature modificatios to the Pathway2Coe web site.
Student Work Student work (instruction sets) are store d on the site but are not available to any person not associated wiht the Pathway2Code class of the students. Teachers have acccess to all student work within their class.

2. Service Requests and Feedback : In the event you ask for assistance using the site, or provide other feedback on the site's performance, we will keep the information provided by you, which may include your name and email address. This information will not be shared with third party sites or services, but maintained wholly for our administration of the site.

3. Update log files:   Pathway2Code maintains a file of all instruction updates to help the technical team analyze performance and tuning issues.  This information includes IP addresses, browser version, Internet service provider (“ISP”), and timestamps. This information is used solely for the enhancement of the site and is only available to the technical team and possibly the teacher of a particular class, if needed.

4. Outside Links   Pathway2Code for certain user type my provide links to third party websites. When you leave Pathway2code and link to other websites or location, we at have not control or liability for misuses of personal information at the destination site We suggest that you read and understand that the terms of the destination site policy and know that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the destiantion site.

5.  Corporate Restructuring : Should be acquired by, combined or merged with another entity, we may transfer  all username and class information to the new entity. We assure that we will safeguard any of this information and historical service requests under the  same level of safety and privacy as afforded by this Privacy Policy.

6. Other Disclosures Pathway2Code.Com may disclose username, email, service histories and update logs if it is necessary to comply with any legal investigation; answer subpoenas or warrants served on any entity associated with or prevent an potential violation of our rights under law and this Privacy Policy.

7. Usage of by children:  We are required under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), with limited exceptions, to obtain verifiable parental consent in order to collect, use or disclose personal information from Children. Children who use Pathway2Code will be given a Class ID for access to the system. Before a class ID is given to the teacher within a school , the school must consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information of the Child in accordance with this Privacy Policy. COPPA allows us to presume that the School’s authorization for the collection of a Child’s Personal Data is based upon the School having obtained the Parents’ consent. Parents do not have access to the site.

8. Updates to this Privacy Policy: From time to time our Privacy Policy will change. Pathway2Com will notify teachers of any change to our Privacy Policy by posting the revised Privacy Policy with an updated date of revision on our website. Significant changes to the policy will be posted on the Login page. We may also contact Users and notify them of the changes if required by law.

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